Our Vision

Cardano Casino is a collection of NFTs on the Cardano blockchain aiming to build a platform that allows users to play Casino/Card games as "The House" or "player", provide liquidity, pay fees, stake, and place bets. We will be building on multiple metaverses, allowing our members to interact with, rent(using chippys), and play a role in the future of this project! Weekly/monthly tournaments and raffle giveaways while development is happening. Variety of perks, collections, and merch drops to look forward to!

Our platform will aim to allow for peer to peer bets and other cryptocurrencies to be utilized. As web3 advances to its next stage, cross-chain solutions will be developed which gives us the ability to further expand the scope of the platform by allowing other cryptocurrencies to be converted into gambling chips in effort to make our platform more inclusive.

Full transparency is key as we build our on-chain solution!
We want to actively promote kindness, inclusion, and productivity in our community/world.


Our Collection

Look what we've got.


Why Cardano Casino

One of the main benefits of joining us today is the pleasure and profit that you can get when you win.

NFT Farming & Bidding

Buyers can bid on the amount they wish to spend on the NFT, provided it is above the minimum price.

Tournament Participation

Poker Tournament With A Huge Prize Pool Every Week. Join us and win yourself some prizes.

Future DAO Voting

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is an organization that runs on a blockchain protocol fully and autonomously in accordance with rules encoded via smart contracts.

Stake And Earn

Staking is the process of delegating or locking up crypto holdings to earn rewards. Some of the rewards you can earn from staking are earning additional tokens and getting some voting rights.



Here we have our Cardano Casino's Roadmap

Q3 2022

Phase 1

  • Introduce Socials and Website!
  • 850 OG/WL spots to be distributed among the community members through various activities. (OG, WL, and early supporters receive a discount on mint prices and quantities they can mint).
  • Sneak peeks
  • Build an authentic community through various activities, engagements, and giveaways
  • Collaborations with other projects to raise awareness and build the platform for future partnerships
  • Release of the collection called Chippys, supply of 5000 chips
    1. S1 chippy drop: supply of 2500 coming soon
  • Verification of project with Policy ID on secondary markets and make rarity search tool available on CNFT.Tools after drop.
  • Some Chippys will have special roles/classes in their metadata, there are benefits associated with these roles/classes and more details will be announced after mint. (perks and prizes)
  • Allocation of funds towards future project developments and marketing with full breakdown released.
  • Implementation of rebate system with 6% royalty. 50% of royalties will be distributed among holders through raffles and/or tournaments every month/quarter.

Q4 2022

Phase 2

  • Metaverse land purchase, development, and partnerships with other projects and metaverses.
  • Onboard blockchain developers to work on the platform/protocol (for more info visit 💡-our-vision )
  • Cardano slot machines collection (1250 fully assembled slot machines) Comes in parts and 2 matching parts have to be put together in order to assemble a full slot machine.
  • Launch staking for chippys and slot machines to earn $CC (chippys will start accumulating $CC right after mint)
  • Season 2 chippy collection with their own unique set of perks 2500
  • Limited edition Cardano Casino deck of cards collection for holders!

Q1-Q4 2023

Phase 3

  • Free Chippy metaverse characters airdrop to chippy holders (Vox and/or other compatible characters/assets to interact with casinos).
  • Dice collection (Dicey) with perks
  • Protocol updates/testing/release
  • Focus on building value around $CC token and raising awareness on services and products offered
  • Start exploring opportunities for our holders to interact with our casino utilizing tokens from projects they love and hold!
  • Start the development of our mobile game
  • Cardano Casino merch drop

Please refer to NFT Collections for further utility guides

Meet Our Team

Passionate & Dedicated Team



A thorough deep dive on everything that makes Cardano Casino an absolute industry shaker.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01. How many collectible chippys are in our collection ?

A collection of 5000 chippys, 2500 for 2 seasons each.

02. When is the mint date ?

Minting Soon

03. What is the mint price and minting details ?

50 ADA for OG/WL presale mint, 60 ADA for public mint

04. What is the policy ID ?

Policy ID: f7c9b92f064cb6e52c3dc7a227ceb2893890c1544c676a4ab4401b75

05. When was Cardano Casino launched ?

April 2022

06. What wallets can I use ?

DO NOT SEND ADA FROM AN EXCHANGE. ADA must be sent from your own Cardano wallet. Be careful of fake wallets! Recommended wallets are Yoroi, Nami, Eternl/CC, Daedalus

07. I sent the wrong amount of ADA, what happens ?

You'll receive a refund minus the transaction fees

08. How can I view my NFTs ?

Go on https://pool.pm/ and type in your receiving wallet address in the search field

09. How to purchase our collections after sale has closed ?

Visit jpg.store or CNFT.io (Coming soon after project verification)

10. Unanswered questions

For any unanswered questions please head to our discord and reach out to either a MOD, Team member or general chat


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